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The Purpose of the Permacamp Project

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The project of creating child-friendly, common live-areas designed on Permaculture principals, which produces real food near cities.

Our aim is; while implying projects designed by people interested in permaculture on safe and controlled areas created at mostly 1,5 km distance from metropolis, offer this as an opportunity to families who wants their children more interaction with nature, to produce real food and share this with fair systems, to provide implementation fields for large crowds of people by workshops to spread the permaculture practices, and maybe through this process create a union of benefits by providing a living area for a number of volunteering families.

When this project, containing many benefits and effects, comes into practice we believe that areas that do not reduce its resources with diverse qualifications can be created based on permaculture ethics, without leaving the potentials of metropolis. The project includes many features and influences. All of these formulations should be designed and managed under true and ethic norms. Basically, not to harm nature, watch the profits of participants and most importantly, caring for the basic rule of keeping and enhancing the soil and the food without any outer resources should be carefully followed. www.permakamp.com will be examining and designing the areas of profit, relations, foundation, usage, sustainability and expansion.

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