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What is Permacamp Project?

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It is the project of creating child-friendly, common live-areas designed on Permaculture principals, which produces real food near cities.

Most of us live in crowded metropolis. To be able to meet the needs of these massive crowds, new activities, new nutrition is constantly entering our lives. Many of these new changes are not beneficial for us. We are far from soil, trees and animals. We do not have many other options rather than so-called grass areas without any production and intense chemical medication systems in areas marketed as natural. We either cannot have access to healthy or harmless food or we are forced to spend most of our time and money. The lack of nature is very obviously observed among our children.

We are not willing to accept this kind of a city life. We want to change into being a part of the solution rather than being a part of the problem. Just like we used to do in the past, we want to play in soil, plant saplings, watch them grow, bequeath healthy nutrition and how to grow healthy food to our children. We want to form productive groups who take care of nature and get rid of this disease of individualism. We want to live in sustainable patterns that grow even after harvesting. Because we know that these areas can only be saved when they are turned into places one can live and produce in. Our “Permacamp” project is generally based on principals such as building common grounds in areas designed according to original laws of nature, creating opportunities to spend more time in nature by consumer-friendly farming to meet our nourishment needs, and to train our children more deeply and sincerely in this aspect. While doing this, we aim the community involved in the production process to affect more and more people and them to claim their own living rights back. The Permacamp system will be guiding all individuals and communities who have the same aims, with their documented suggestions and experiences available for public use. High attention will be paid on the ability to resist the 20th century modern pressure, and real production and real experiences will be aimed. The survival of the ethic rules formed will have high importance.

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