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We are a group of people living in large cities who are not happy with it. We are far from soil, trees and animals. We do not have many other options rather than so-called grass areas without any production and intense chemical medication systems in areas marketed as natural. We either cannot have access to healthy or harmless food or we are forced to spend most of our time and money. We do not want to have only connection with soil when we are dead. We do not accept this kind of a city life.

We want to create an option. Around the cities we live, there are many natural fields. We have a common collaborative life pattern project on especially in untouched areas that transportation would not cost much. We have ideas about how to form these patterns and make them sustainable. We want to gather all of these ideas and open them up for common use on PERMAKAMP.COM.  Therefore, in this case, anyone who would like to generate a group like this and join as a new group will have a beginners guide in their hands. This guide will be created and developed under PERMAKAMP.COM’s voice. The most important ethic norms will be; sustainable participation, sources can be enriched even after harvest, happy communities, child-friendly living areas, multi-purpose use areas, nature-friendly constructions, natural cycles and multi-optionality. For the moment, the best way to contribute is to subscribe to the news feed on our page www.permakamp.com and wait to hear from us.

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